Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sending off Zoey

Walks and Wags is a family and when one of our own moves, we get a little sad. Zoey is moving with her family and today is her last day. We asked all of the pack at Walks and Wags to bring and old toy--something with their smell on it--so she would have something to remember us by. We even broke out the camera and put on some groovy hats for her going away party. Happy trails, Zoey!

Sweet Annie poses for the camera. 

Please don't go, Zoey!

Cindie poses with Joey!

Happy smiles at play care!

Keilee loves dressing up!

Louis says, "cheese!"


Pascha is cute as can be.



Tiny loves hat day!

Tiger is an animal when it comes to dressing up!

Tucker chills.

We will miss you, Zoey!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy birthday, Bailey!

Bailey celebrated in style with a fun birthday party at Walks and Wags! Walks and Wags can host any fun event for your pup--just let us know and we can create a special event for you!

Happy birthday, Bailey!!

Bailey says, "check out my cake!"

Dylan loves cake!

Jaegar thinks Bailey's birthday cake is plate lickin' good!

Journey loves birthday parties!

Lily loves cake!

Pickles says, "yummm!"

Rory is all smiles!