Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Walks and Wags!

These little pilgrims had a lot of fun at Walks and Wags doggy day care on Thanksgiving! Check out how cute...and stylish they are!

Cricket says, "step away from my turkey!"

Crystal in her feathered finery.

Dunne looking dapper.
Bailey is a pilgrim.
Bailey trades his hat in for feathers.
Tiny and Tiger are the cutest pilgrims in the colonies.
Annabelle says, "I really just want some pie."
Lexie asks, "do you like my hat?"
Harley says: "bow + hat = all snappy for turkey!"
Look out! Vogue is calling.
Please hurry! My food is getting cold.
All right, all right...I'm a pilgrim.
Does this hat make my ears look big?
Callie says, "can't you see my hat is crooked?"
So distinguished, Griswald.
Gypsy thinks turkey tastes GOOD!
Louis says, "this is for the feast!"
Yes, I know I have something on my head. Guffaw.
Lovely pilgrim.
Annie says, "mashed potatoes are lip lickin' good!"
Sweet Sam waits for seconds.
Why do I have all these feathers everywhere? Did someone pluck a turkey?
Willoughby gobbled till he wobbled.
Miss Molly poses in her Mayflower finery.
Look how cute I am in my hat!
Feathers and hats make me giggle.
Sir Top'em Hat
Cutie pie pilgrim
Lucy says, "no pilgrim clothes for me!"
Buster is handsome in his hat.
Kate is lovely as a flower.

Oscar, captain of the Mayflower.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a Fun Day to Play - November 22, 2011

Summertime and the living is easy... But wait! The calendar says FALL! How can it be? Not sure but we love the warm weather because it feels like the lazy days of summer at Walks and Wags! It sure makes for fun times at doggy day care!

Abby and Cricket show some love.

Buster says, "this tennis ball is a bit big for fetch."

Cricket says, "you might as well jump!"

Harley has it!

It's a bird, it's a plane.

I spy...Willoughby.

Monday, November 21, 2011

We're So Thankful!

We're so thankful our mommies and daddies let us go to doggy daycare at Walks and Wags! Look how much fun we have every day! If we didn't get to go automatically, we'd beg for it!

Bailey says, "step away from my ball."

Blackjack waits for a treat.

Buster and Stella hope the squirrel will fall...waiting...waiting...

Dusty is on the prowl.

Fritz says, "I got it!"

Cindie shows the pack the proper form for catching a tennis ball.

Class is in session.

Sweet Kate.

Leo practices for the high jump.

Lexi says, "look how fast I am!"

Best buds.

Miss T is sweet as can be.

Molly is most photogenic.

Stella says, "step away from my tennis ball."

Pretty baby.

Taz and Harley run and play.

Taz says, "I'm fast as the wind!"

Tiny and Tiger rule the yard.

Tucker leads the way.

Willoughby practices his soccer moves.

Zoey says, "check out my grill."