Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Lizards--It's Leap Day!

Leap Day only comes around every four years but the good times at Walks and Wags keep coming!

Byron and Patches snuggle up.

Buster and Elvis share some love.

Griswald follows commands.

Lakota at play.

Griswald, Lakota and Lilly having fun!

Lakota on the run!


The pack at play.

Zoey and Miss T ham it up.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feel the Energy!

The Walks and Wags pack is full of energy and you can see it in their playtime pictures. Check out the latest! You'll wish you could come to doggy day care!

Annabelle offers her help with a tire change.

Cali and Callie are fast as the wind.

Cali says, "move over Maria Sharapova."

Cali, Callie and Willoughby have a group chat.

Elvis is the speed racer of Walks and Wags.

Bailey says to Jaeger, "I'm not touching you."

Crouching Tiger, Mia and Harley.


Fritz and Molly love to play!

Sam says, "I got it!"

Sophie goes in for the catch.

Sophie scratches out.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Say That You Love Me!

True to form, the Walks and Wags pack has had a ton of fun with the Valentine's Holiday! Check out how we're showing the love.

Annie waits for a kiss.

Boomer says, "give me a squeeze!"

Buddy and Caddie are BFFs.

So happy!

Charlie Brown LOVES Walks and Wags!

Dunne says, "I have lots of Valentine's!"

Josie is all smiles!

Lakota is so pleasant and sweet.

Leroy is in love.

Oooooh Moosie.

"Olive you."

Oscar is the man on the playground.

Tiny and Tiger wait for their Valentine hearts.

Zoey perks up when hearing her sweetheart's name.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still Feeling the Love!

We're still feeling the love at Walks and Wags and wanted to show you how cute these little sweethearts look in their Valentine's outfits. It doesn't get any better than this!

Baxter says, "give me a kiss!"

Cici puckers up.

Dakota is handsome!

Darby is a doll!

ooooh la la, Felipe!

Lips are for licking, thinks Gypsy.

Karlie dreams of her Valentine.

Lucy strikes a pose.

Max is a cutie and steals many hearts.

Stuart poses for the camera.

Trish is a sweet girl!

Jazz is all smiles on Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bark if You Love Walks and Wags...and Valentine's Day!

It's almost Valentine's Day and everyone at Walks and Wags is in the mood for love! The entire pack is in the spirit and getting in on the festive photo action!

The Walks and Wags team: Sheila, Tracy, Megan, Cindie, Larry, Pam, Kirsten and Katy

Annabelle thinks about her boyfriend.

Bailey hopes for a sweetheart.

Bailey is in the holiday spirit.

Buster has a big heart.

Chloe says "cheese!"

Cricket loves getting dressed up.

Daisy and Pugsley are twins!

Dusty has posing down pat.

Elvis licks his lips.

Fritz just wants to play!

Harley is pretty as a rose.

Jaeger loves Valentine's Day!

Journey says, "kiss me!"

Kate and Buster are a sweet pair.

Kate poses for the camera.

Katy on portrait day.

Leo is handsome!

Lexi loves Valentine's Day!

A trio of friends

Mattie, Lucy and Elvis pose sweetly for the camera.

Maisy and Dutch chill out.

Mia gives a smile.

Miss T and Dylan snuggle for the camera.

Molly and Willoughby are Walks and Wags friends!

Molly is as pretty as a rose.

Nico and Bandit ham it up.


Pickles says, "muah!"

Pretty Rory.

Taz tries to look tough.

The three amigos.

Tucker says hello.

Willoughby flashes a big smile!