Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meet Icee Mae!

Hi! My name is Icee Mae! If you’re a regular at Walks and Wags, you’ve probably seen me hanging out in the play yard. Did you know that I’m an ARF dog, and I’m searching for my FOREVER family? Nothing would make me happier than finding a family in time for Christmas.

I’m going to need a very special family—one with a lot of vitality. I am a bundle of energy and I love to play, play, play and play some more! Although I am fully house trained and crate trained, I get a bit uncomfortable when left alone for long periods. My favorite things are playing ball outside, swimming, running in the grass and playing with children.

I am a Terrier mix and am approximately 2 to 3 years old (Jan. 2011). I am heartworm negative, up to date on shots and I’m spayed and microchipped. If you are interested in meeting me, please contact us ARF at 251-478-9743 or email You can also ask the pack at Walks and Wags about me!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

It’s time for Animal Rescue Foundation’s Holiday Foster Program! 

What is the Holiday Foster Program?

The program started as an idea several years ago to empty the kennels at the ARFanage to give the hard working volunteers an opportunity to spend the holidays with their loved ones without worrying about the ARFans alone on Christmas. No one at ARF knew how good it would feel to have all of the ARFans in a home at Christmas…an unexpected benefit, and the program stuck! 

ARF wants to find holiday homes again this year and all of us at Walks and Wags want to help!  You see, for some dogs at the ARFanage, they’ve never known the feeling of stretching out for a nap in the warm afternoon sun on the living room rug or snuggling in someone’s arms after a lunch of turkey and cheese sandwiches. The attention given by the foster families is good for the souls of dogs and people alike. 

If you would like to participate in ARF’s holiday foster program, please email Lynn Carter or visit ARF’s website. Please note holiday foster program on the application, along with the dog you’re interested in fostering. 

All dogs should be picked up from the ARFanage by 5:00pm on December 23rd  and returning starting any time after noon on December 26th. Your foster doggy is welcome to stay with you through the New Year…or longer.

As always, thank you for your support of ARF. May your holidays be blessed with peace, love, and joy.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Play hard or go home!

Play time at Walks and Wags doggy day care is serious business! If you don't believe us, check out these photos:

Argh! I'll get you, ball!

Blitzen says, "eat dirt!"

Crystal goes for a run.

Leo and Fritz are having fun!

In and around the tunnel during play time!

I spy a blade of grass.

It's time for treats from Mrs. Cindie--organic, of course!

Harley is as fast as the wind!

Leo says, "come here! I have a secret to tell you!"

Pretty faces everywhere.

Sticks are so much fun!

See how dirty we get? You'd never know though because we're clean as a whistle at pick-up time!

Tucker gives Leo a piggy back ride.

Tucker waits for his turn.

Zoey is in the Walks and Wags fun house!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December!

But it feels like June! And we LOVE it. For us two-legged creatures this nice weather has been wonderful but for the four-legged ones, it has certainly but a spring in their steps. Check out the Walks and Wag pack playing at doggy day care this week!

Callie and Willougby enjoy a nice game of chase.

Katy leads the Walks and Wags pack for the day.

Lilly tells Willoughby, "go ahead and try to take my frisbee!"

Willoughby compares his shag rating to Louis.

Louis looks on as Lilly takes the frisbee.

Maggie says, "I didn't steal the cheese."

Oscar wants a profile shot.

Such a dapper little thing.

Tucker says, "smile!"

Callie can run so fast!

Lilly and Willoughby are friends!

Three-way tug-of-war!