Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday's Pack is Full of Brain-Eating Zombies!

A pack of brain-eating zombies invaded Walks and Wags on Thursday, October 27, 2011. They were hunting for brains filled with treats and in some cases, the zombie ran away with the entire head! Oh my!

Blackjack says "more brains!"

Blackjack says "more brains!"

Bo knows brains.

Keilee wants a taste.

Keilee thinks brains are lip smackin' good.

Meg says "what do we have here...brains?"

Brains are good eatin'.

Mia gets brainy.

Mia gets brainy.

Molly and the brain.

Molly and the brain.

Stella says "brains are my favorite organ meat."


Willoughby inspects the brain.

Willoughby likes his brains to go!

Pickles thinks eating brains is a no brainer.
Elvis says "love me some tender brains."

Kate says "I'm going to get inside your head!"


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