Monday, November 21, 2011

We're So Thankful!

We're so thankful our mommies and daddies let us go to doggy daycare at Walks and Wags! Look how much fun we have every day! If we didn't get to go automatically, we'd beg for it!

Bailey says, "step away from my ball."

Blackjack waits for a treat.

Buster and Stella hope the squirrel will fall...waiting...waiting...

Dusty is on the prowl.

Fritz says, "I got it!"

Cindie shows the pack the proper form for catching a tennis ball.

Class is in session.

Sweet Kate.

Leo practices for the high jump.

Lexi says, "look how fast I am!"

Best buds.

Miss T is sweet as can be.

Molly is most photogenic.

Stella says, "step away from my tennis ball."

Pretty baby.

Taz and Harley run and play.

Taz says, "I'm fast as the wind!"

Tiny and Tiger rule the yard.

Tucker leads the way.

Willoughby practices his soccer moves.

Zoey says, "check out my grill."

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