Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Hoppin' into Walks and Wags! Just in time for some Easter fun!

Sweet Annie is ready for the Easter bunny!

Bailey says, "I look great in these pink ears!"

Bailey likes fuzzy bunny ears.

Baxter hopes for some Peeps.

Beau and Layla think hiding eggs is fun!

Cece is sparkly for Easter.

Charlie Brown is ready to hunt eggs!

Chloe wants the prize egg!

Daisy is as pretty as an Easter Lily.

Darby is all smiles for Easter!

The pack leaders in Easter gear.

Dusty likes Cadbury Creme Eggs best. :)

Dusty is dreaming of finding the best prize egg!

Francis is happy it's Easter time!

Harley is a cute little flower.

Jazz is pretty as can be in her Easter frock.

Josie dreams of her Easter basket.

Katy loves Easter eggs!

Maisy says, "I can't wait for new Easter toys!"

Max and Lucy are excited about their visit from the Easter Bunny!

Molly loves Easter!

Olive is pretty in her Easter outfit.

Oscar is bedazzled for Easter!

Riley loves Easter candy!

Rory is big smiles!

Tiny and Tiger are sweet little bunnies.

Trish is pretty and ready for the Easter Bunny's visit.

Tucker is all smiles and ready for candy!

Willoughby loves Easter!

Winnie says, "I'm as pretty as a rose!"

Happy Easter!

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