Friday, October 12, 2012

More fun, please?

Every day is a day for fun at Walks and Wags! Just check out the pictures below! The pack is having a great fall. With cooler temps and sunny days, they can play, play, play all day!

Griswald says, "sometimes you just gotta jump!"

Louise and the giant hand...but do not fear! She is not scared!

Louise and Rica are best friends!

Chloe loves playtime at Walks and Wags!

Thank you for the refreshing water, Mrs. Cindie!

Okay, pack...class is in session. Today, we're working on our manners when waiting for a treat.

Oh me! I have something in my tooth!

Hey! I'm talking to you.

All I wanna do is zoom around!

Trust us. There was only ONE stick in the whole yard!

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