Monday, February 13, 2012

Bark if You Love Walks and Wags...and Valentine's Day!

It's almost Valentine's Day and everyone at Walks and Wags is in the mood for love! The entire pack is in the spirit and getting in on the festive photo action!

The Walks and Wags team: Sheila, Tracy, Megan, Cindie, Larry, Pam, Kirsten and Katy

Annabelle thinks about her boyfriend.

Bailey hopes for a sweetheart.

Bailey is in the holiday spirit.

Buster has a big heart.

Chloe says "cheese!"

Cricket loves getting dressed up.

Daisy and Pugsley are twins!

Dusty has posing down pat.

Elvis licks his lips.

Fritz just wants to play!

Harley is pretty as a rose.

Jaeger loves Valentine's Day!

Journey says, "kiss me!"

Kate and Buster are a sweet pair.

Kate poses for the camera.

Katy on portrait day.

Leo is handsome!

Lexi loves Valentine's Day!

A trio of friends

Mattie, Lucy and Elvis pose sweetly for the camera.

Maisy and Dutch chill out.

Mia gives a smile.

Miss T and Dylan snuggle for the camera.

Molly and Willoughby are Walks and Wags friends!

Molly is as pretty as a rose.

Nico and Bandit ham it up.


Pickles says, "muah!"

Pretty Rory.

Taz tries to look tough.

The three amigos.

Tucker says hello.

Willoughby flashes a big smile!

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