Friday, February 3, 2012

NOT Having Fun is Off Limits at Walks and Wags!

Every day at Walks and Wags, Cindie and the team make doggy day care the most fun place on Earth! The day is filled with fun activities like running, chasing tennis balls, tug-of-war and running through the tunnel. This week has been no expection and Walks and Wags has been the FUN ZONE! Check it out!

Girl, he said what?

Bailey says, "I've got nothing to hide!"

I have something stuck in my tooth!

Zoey makes the leap!

Cici goes for a dramatic catch!

Cici takes a break for the camera.

Rory says, "you're a daisy if you do."

I just need a hug!

Blondes have more fun.

Maisy and Dutch put their heads together.

Mia loves Walks and Wags!

Miss T says, "look, I can stand on three legs!"

Harley shows Molly some LOVE!

Molly takes a minute to look at the sky.

Rory plays in the big green alien.

Rory is having fun!

A big group of little ones.

Clever product placement by Willoughby.

Keilee and her main man, Elvis.

Love is in the air.

Where is my lip gloss when I need it?

Bailey, Pugsley and Maisy get cozy.

Zoey says, "that's all for now, folks!"

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