Friday, September 14, 2012

Give me a F! Give me a U! Give me a N!

What's that spell? FUN!!

You got it...every day is a fun day at Walks and Wags! We're running, jumping and swimming our way into fall! Check it out and come PLAY with us!

It's a lovely day for a stroll!

Willoughby says, "it's my rope!"

Hey! I'm not a float.

I double dog dare ya to get in my pool! 

Think we could get a few more in here?

All smiles at play care!


McKenzie loves to play fetch.

Hey you! Let's play.

No cameras, please. We're about to smooch.

Splishing and splashing!

John Paul takes a break.

John Paul and Peyton love the Frisbee!

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