Monday, December 12, 2011

Play hard or go home!

Play time at Walks and Wags doggy day care is serious business! If you don't believe us, check out these photos:

Argh! I'll get you, ball!

Blitzen says, "eat dirt!"

Crystal goes for a run.

Leo and Fritz are having fun!

In and around the tunnel during play time!

I spy a blade of grass.

It's time for treats from Mrs. Cindie--organic, of course!

Harley is as fast as the wind!

Leo says, "come here! I have a secret to tell you!"

Pretty faces everywhere.

Sticks are so much fun!

See how dirty we get? You'd never know though because we're clean as a whistle at pick-up time!

Tucker gives Leo a piggy back ride.

Tucker waits for his turn.

Zoey is in the Walks and Wags fun house!

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