Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December!

But it feels like June! And we LOVE it. For us two-legged creatures this nice weather has been wonderful but for the four-legged ones, it has certainly but a spring in their steps. Check out the Walks and Wag pack playing at doggy day care this week!

Callie and Willougby enjoy a nice game of chase.

Katy leads the Walks and Wags pack for the day.

Lilly tells Willoughby, "go ahead and try to take my frisbee!"

Willoughby compares his shag rating to Louis.

Louis looks on as Lilly takes the frisbee.

Maggie says, "I didn't steal the cheese."

Oscar wants a profile shot.

Such a dapper little thing.

Tucker says, "smile!"

Callie can run so fast!

Lilly and Willoughby are friends!

Three-way tug-of-war!

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